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Your small business cleaning agency for Eastern Suburbs, Central Sydney & Inner West Leichhardt area 

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We can help with washing, folding clothes, ironing & changing sheets

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Cleaning since 2014 in Sydney

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  • Our cleaners are liability insured and quality checked
  • High cleaning standards, eye for detail, thorough and reliable
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Our Story

We started in 2014 as a sole trading business and soon figured out what our clients wanted: A reliable, personal cleaning service with the same cleaner who always shows up weekly or fortnightly at the same day at the same time and does an outstanding job. Doing the service was easy as long as it was just a few cleaners and a few customers.

Very soon word spread and we had more enquiries. Because we wanted to focus on customer service and cleaning quality and not on admin we decided to “outsource” our admin to a booking calendar. “Amazing Cleaning Ladies Pty Ltd” was born as a business in 2018, which didn’t only provide great service but also provided an automated booking calendar where our customers can book their weekly or fortnightly appointments without much effort and it is paid from their stored card.

In 2021 another change occurred. We decided to only focus on Eastern Suburbs and inner city areas and partnered with ACL Cleaning Sydney to cover other areas because it was too much to handle for a small business like ours. Amazing Cleaning Ladies as our customers know it right now only operates in Sydney Eastern Suburbs and inner city area.

Mid 2021 Covid almost brought us to our knees with lockdowns and shortage in staff. The current market is unlike anything we have seen before. This is why wages for staff went through the roof and we had no chance but to adjust pricing for our customers if we wanted to have workers. Also right now we can’t guarantee what always was important for us, to send the same cleaners to our regulars. At the moment we may have to switch staff often to keep our appointments because there is so much fluctuation in cleaners and we may send a team of 2 or 3 people instead one cleaning lady.

Please bear with us through these difficult times. If no more catastrophes strike then end of the first quarter of 2022 shortage in staff will be over and we will be back to our usual way of operation.


We thank our existing and new customers for their ongoing support and understanding.

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